Aryan Smith

Aryan Vito Smith was arrested on May 11, 2020 and charged in the February 5, 2018 murder of 22-year-old Treeanna Nichols in Westminster, California.

Nichols was staying at the Quality Inn in Westminster when she was killed in her room. At around 3:00 pm, video surveillance footage shows a man in a hoodie walking up the stairs, and then leaving soon after. He was seen vaping a substance.

Nichols’s body was found a short time later during a welfare check. She had been stabbed multiple times.

The FGG investigation was conducted by Parabon Nanolabs. The case received an important break in April of 2020, when a distant relative of Smith uploaded their DNA to GEDmatch. A search warrant was issued to obtain Smith’s DNA.

Smith is charged with murder with the use of a deadly weapon. The case against him is pending in Orange County Superior Court.


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First Name Aryan
Last Name Smith
Other Names
Victims 1 (Details)
IGG Started nd
Case Cleared 2020-05-11
IGG Org Parabon


Case ID Name Age Case Opened Location Investigating Org Most Serious Charge Disposition Court
1362 Treeanna Nichols 22 2018-02-05 Westminster, CA Westminster PD Second degree murder Case is currently pending before the court Orange CO SUP CT

Last updated: February 9, 2024

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