Bruce Lindahl

Bruce Lindahl was identified as the lead suspect in the January 13, 1976 rape and murder of 16-year-old Pamela Maurer in Woodridge, Illinois. The case was cleared by exception due to the death of Lindahl.

Maurer had left a friend’s house and gone to a nearby restaurant to buy a soft drink and was not seen again. Her body was found lying beside a road the next morning. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

The FGG investigation was conducted by Parabon Nanolabs. Lindahl’s remains were exhumed to confirm that his DNA was consistent with that recovered from the crime scene.

Lindahl died in 1981 from a self-inflicted wound to his thigh while stabbing another victim to death. The victim in that case was a high-school student named Charles Huber.

Lindahl was also accused of raping a 20-year-old woman in 1979, but prosecutors declined to bring charges. He had also been charged in the 1982 rape of Deborah Colliander, but those charges were dropped when she was found murdered – two weeks before she was scheduled to testify in court. Police now say he is the sole suspect in her death, as well. They are investigating him for about a dozen murders and nine rapes that took place in the area at the time, but no further charges have yet been laid.


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First Name Bruce
Last Name Lindahl
Other Names
Victims 1 (Details)
IGG Started nd
Case Cleared 2020-01-13
IGG Org Parabon


Case ID Name Age Case Opened Location Investigating Org Most Serious Charge Disposition Court
1321 Pamela Maurer 16 1976-01-13 Woodridge, IL Lisle PD Second degree murder Case was cleared by exception due to death of perpetrator n/a

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