Ricky Severt

Ricky Severt has been identified as the lead suspect in the November 8, 1999 rape and murder of 23-year-old Jennifer Watkins in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The case has been cleared by exception due to the death of Severt.

Watkins disappeared during her shift at Memorial Hospital where she worked as a food service aid. She was found in a secluded stairwell in an area of the hospital that was under construction. She had been sexually assaulted and beaten, and her body had been wrapped in plastic and bound with duct tape. She died from blunt force trauma to the head.

A DNA profile was developed from semen found on her clothing. The FGG investigation was conducted by Parabon.

Severt was also an employee at Memorial Hospital at the time of Watkins’ killing. He worked in the maintenance department. Severt was killed in a traffic accident in November of 2001. Confirmation of his identity was made with living relatives who assisted in the investigation.

Many hospital employees were questioned as suspects in connection with Watkins’ murder. DNA samples were also taken from several suspects, including her husband.


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First Name Ricky
Last Name Severt
Other Names
Victims 1 (Details)
IGG Started 2018-06-00
Case Cleared 2020-12-09
IGG Org Parabon


Case ID Name Age Case Opened Location Investigating Org Most Serious Charge Disposition Court
1446 Jennifer Watkins 23 1999-11-08 Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs PD; CO BI; El Paso CCO Second degree murder Case was cleared by exception due to death of perpetrator n/a

Last updated: February 9, 2024

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