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Get Started with Genealogy
This article is meant for beginners and will cover the basics to help get started in this rapidly growing hobby.

Genealogical Proof Standard
Proving facts and connections without direct evidence is tough, but the GPS is there to help you through the process.

Free Genealogy Websites
Check out these 26 totally free genealogy websites to help you explore your family history and grow your family tree.

What is the Best DNA Test?
This guide will break everything down for you, and help you choose the best test for your specific needs.

23andMe vs AncestryDNA
A thorough comparison of 23andMe vs Ancestry based on the six most important factors to consider before choosing a DNA kit.

Best Genealogy Software
An in-depth look at the best genealogy software to build and manage your family tree.

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What is genetic genealogy

Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing, combined with traditional genealogy, to help identify ancestors and family members. By analyzing a person’s DNA, we can learn about their ethnic heritage, examine genetic markers for disease risk, and even find long-lost relatives. The field of genetic genealogy has exploded in recent years as DNA testing …

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old family photos

What to Do With Hundreds of Family Photos

We live in the digital age, so printed photos are less common than they used to be, but if you’ve ever rummaged in your parent’s loft or garage, you may find boxes of photos. Some faded, some intact, but a lot of them will be of grandparents, and can stretch back decades. This begs the …

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generations in family tree

How to Count Generations in a Family Tree

Arranging your family tree by generation can be quite a daunting task when you don’t know how, so how do you count generations in a family tree?  The length of a family generation is generally measured by the age difference between parent and child. Generally, this is thought to be between 25 -30 years, so …

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Why Are Some Last Names So Common?

So you’re a Smith, Johnson, Jones, Williams, Anderson, or know many people that are and want to know why are some last names so common? Whether you remember hearing the same names come up during the school register or know that many sports stars have the same last name, it can be fun to find …

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Are People With the Same Last Name Related?

Ever wondered if your surname has any biological relationship to others who share the same last name? You’re not alone. Many people ask the question, are people with the same last name related?  Surnames can be shared between unrelated people without a biological relationship. Just because two people share the same does not mean they …

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What is My Dad’s Cousin to Me?

If you’ve ever tried to figure out what your dad’s cousin is to you, this article will help. First of all, what kind of family relationship are we talking about? There are several types: first cousins, second cousins, third cousins, etc. Then there are cousins once removed, twice, etc. The difference between them is how …

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How Do Family Trees Work?

Are you new to genealogy, and wondering how do family trees work? Don’t feel silly for asking- it’s actually a great question, and there are many important things to understand about family trees before beginning your research. A family tree is like a map that connects a person to their ancestors. It begins with yourself …

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Family Crest vs. Coat of Arms

Ever wondered if your family has a coat of arms or a family crest? The heritage behind them is exciting, but what exactly do they represent and what is the difference between a family crest vs. coat of arms? Many people refer to both as though they are the same thing but this is not …

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Ancestry Quotes

Here are 22 great quotes to get you inspired in your research. From famous authors and historians to everyday people, these quotes will remind you why you got into genealogy in the first place – because exploring your family history is fun, fascinating, and full of surprises! Whether you’re just starting out on your family …

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genealogy books

Best Genealogy Books

Looking for the best genealogy books to help your research? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of the nine essential genealogy books that are always by my side. These books have helped me work through countless brick walls and I’m confident they can do the same for you. 1. Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown …

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