Want to Leave a Legacy? Start with YOU!

This is a guest post by Caroline Guntur, professional organizer, certified photo organizer, digital media specialist, genealogist, personal historian, and technology coach.

We all want to leave behind a legacy. The stories of our ancestors all documented in neat reports that go along with a killer family tree, am I right? But what about all the other “stuff”? The boxes of photos and videos that tell YOUR story?

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My Great-Great-Grandfather Was a DNA Test Away

There are a few photos in my grandparents’ wedding album that include my great-grandfather, Giuseppe Bombino.

To me, he looks young to have a daughter getting married, despite a much-receded hairline. From one picture he beams at the viewer like a happy host on a happy occasion.

My grandmother Marie on her wedding day with parents, Giuseppe and Eleanora Bombino

He is dapper in a tux with a white bow tie and has a smile on his face and in his eyes.

Or maybe that’s what I’m reading into his expression based on what I’ve heard about him over the years.

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