Finding My Irish Roots – Part 1

Tracing my Irish Ancestors Back to the Emerald Isle

One of the biggest challenges in my family tree has been pinpointing where exactly in Ireland my ancestors lived. It’s one of those unknowns that I’ve been trying to nail down for a while.

If you have Irish ancestors who came to America (particularly around the time of the Great Famine), you know just how hard it is to research.

With so many of Ireland’s civil records destroyed in the fire of 1922, we have to rely mostly on parish records and Griffiths Valuation (1848-18641) for our mid-nineteenth century research.

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Want to Leave a Legacy? Start with YOU!

This is a guest post by Caroline Guntur, professional organizer, certified photo organizer, digital media specialist, genealogist, personal historian, and technology coach.

We all want to leave behind a legacy. The stories of our ancestors all documented in neat reports that go along with a killer family tree, am I right? But what about all the other “stuff”? The boxes of photos and videos that tell YOUR story?

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My Great-Great-Grandfather Was a DNA Test Away

There are a few photos in my grandparents’ wedding album that include my great-grandfather, Giuseppe Bombino.

To me, he looks young to have a daughter getting married, despite a much-receded hairline. From one picture he beams at the viewer like a happy host on a happy occasion.

My grandmother Marie on her wedding day with parents, Giuseppe and Eleanora Bombino

He is dapper in a tux with a white bow tie and has a smile on his face and in his eyes.

Or maybe that’s what I’m reading into his expression based on what I’ve heard about him over the years.

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