Free Webinar: Exploring Ancestral Stories Through Old Newspapers

The recent webinar hosted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars, titled “Getting the Scoop on Your Ancestors from Old Newspapers,” unpacks how old newspapers can serve as vital tools for genealogists, enriching our understanding of ancestors’ lives through the stories preserved in their pages.

Meet Moshe Etlis: A Tech-Savvy Historian

Leading the session is Moshe Etlis from MyHeritage. With a background in aerospace and biomedical engineering and a robust expertise in data science, Moshe is adept at making historical records accessible and searchable. His role in enhancing MyHeritage’s historical record search engine means he’s exactly the right person to guide us through the nuances of newspaper research.

Key Insights from the Webinar

Moshe offered a slew of insights that any genealogist would find useful:

  • Effective Search Techniques: He demonstrated how to leverage’s advanced search features to zero in on specific articles, which can be crucial for piecing together family narratives.
  • Rich Historical Content: The depth of information available in old newspapers is staggering—they capture everything from personal anecdotes to major local events, providing a colorful backdrop to our ancestors’ lives.
  • Real-Time Demonstrations: Perhaps the most compelling part of the webinar was watching Moshe walk through real-life searches that led to breakthroughs in family history research, illustrating just how much you can uncover about your ancestors.

My Take: The Thrill of Discovery

I left the webinar more motivated than ever to tap into old newspapers in my own research. There’s something incredibly satisfying about uncovering an article about an ancestor—it makes the historical personal, turning dates and names into real stories.

Take Action: Access This Resource Now!

For all you fellow genealogy enthusiasts, this webinar is an invaluable resource that’s available at no cost. Check it out right here at Legacy Family Tree Webinars and start discovering the rich stories waiting in the pages of old newspapers.

Keep digging into those old newspapers; the stories you’ll find are worth their weight in gold!

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