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First Published: | Updated: April 2, 2024

The purpose of this article is to discuss the various DNA sites where you can upload your raw data file. Most of these websites are free, but a few require at least a one-time purchase to access. Others may require a monthly subscription fee.

Where can I upload my DNA results?

You can upload your raw DNA to other websites to get more information and results from your DNA test. Here are some of the best websites to upload your DNA results.

Genomelink is a free website that allows those who have tested with other companies to upload their DNA. Founded by Tomohiro Takano, Kensuke Numakura, and Yuta Matsuda, this site offers further DNA analysis of Ancient Ancestry, Nutrition, Personality, Intelligence, Fitness, and Physical traits, as well as many more! You must upload your DNA file from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and 23andMe; other sites will not users can also upgrade their account to a paid subscription for maximum analysis of their data.

Genomelink is always adding to their research which gives their users new reports constantly. Some of their reports are also free ( currently, there are about 25 free reports) for users who do not choose to upgrade to paid services. 

To upgrade from the limited free reports to the Genomelink Unlimited Plan, the cost is $14 per month. This subscription gives your unlimited access to Genomelink’s reports and provides the subscriber with weekly updates on the company’s latest research.

Promethease is a scientific tool that costs $12 to upload your data file to. This website gives users reports based on their genetic data. These reports range from genetic variants and phenotypes they have and what things you may or may not be prone to. Other reports offer insight into what medications you might have allergies to and what different illnesses you might be prone to based on your genetic data.

GEDmatch is a free site that offers basic tools to utilize different reports. A large database allows users to see other genetic matches who have uploaded and different ethnicity estimates and tools through which the user can obtain different results. GEDmatch offers different tiers of membership which each have different price ranges. These memberships are monthly though you are not required to utilize the company’s match database and basic tools.

MyHeritage is a website on which one can upload their DNA file for free. MyHeritage offers a large database of DNA matches and ethnicity reports. Many matches will have limited data in their profiles until the user upgrades through the paywall, but it is helpful. To unlock the entire data of your DNA matches, one-time purchase is required. 

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), like MyHeritage, is free to upload. They offer a different set of tools than Ancestry and MyHeritage, as you can utilize chromosome browsing (also can be done in GEDmatch). A large database of matches and an ethnicity estimate can also be found here. You can also order a DNA kit directly from FTDNA.

LivingDNA is a UK-based company that launched in 2016. It used to be one of the most affordable mail-order DNA kits, which takes over 150 worldwide regions and populations into account. 

Their most sold kit is currently $99 plus shipping, which is the same cost as their main competitors 23andMe and AncestryDNA. This $99 kit is their ancestry kit which offers DNA reports, sub-regional ancestry, recent Ancestry, and extended ancestry reports, along with DNA matching and free updates.

LivingDNA also sells a wellbeing kit that is $129 plus shipping. This kit offers reports into what types of foods and exercise would work best for someone of your genetic makeup. Their Vitamin Response, Food Metabolism, Exercise, and Nutrition advice reports have come highly recommended by previous consumers.

Their most expensive kit is their DNA ancestry & wellbeing kit, priced at $179.99 + shipping. These combine the two kit types discussed above. 

DNA Land is a US-based genetic upload site. The company offers its users free reports as an incentive to collect data. The user does not have to pay any fee but, in turn, must agree that their genetic data may be publicly utilized for research projects. They offer reports of your ancestral breakdown (40 populations) and traits. DNA Land offers users questionnaires, much like 23andMe does, to help with their research studies. DNA Land also offers a matching database that can help locate close biological relatives. 

Luna DNA is similar in structure to DNA Land in that they use consumer data to conduct research. Their free services act as an incentive, and the community-owned company makes profits from the data it sells to other companies, primarily researching different health-related science and drug development. What does community-owned mean? Well, you exchange your genomic data for shares in the company! This sets it apart from all of the other companies listed above. The company was created to benefit its members from their data to their researchers mutually. 

Luna DNA does not offer DNA testing but only uploads from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, and FTDNA.

SanoGenetics is a UK-based data-sharing platform that connects users and their data with medical researchers. Like Luna DNA and 23andMe, the data from its users is used solely in medicine-based research. They do not offer DNA testing or kits of any kind but rely solely on uploads. The site offers physical trait reports, reports regarding your senses and reactions, and some reports about conditions like eczema and food allergies.

Does Ancestry accept raw data?

You cannot upload your raw data file to Ancestry! Ancestry allows you to download your results and upload them to other sites, but you must test through Ancestry to gain access to their database. They will likely NEVER accept DNA uploads from competitor testing companies.

How do you get raw DNA data on Ancestry?

The DNA settings page in Ancestry offers a download link that sends a secure email to your email address so that you can begin the download. In 23andMe, you can locate this by choosing to view your “Raw Data” from the top right options corner of your profile. A similar secure link will be emailed to you to initiate the download. 

Can I upload raw data from MyHeritage to Ancestry?

AncestryDNA does not accept MyHeritage DNA data. This database is only accessible to Ancestry customers. Raw data files will probably never be uploaded to Ancestry because their privacy laws put the safety of their consumers first. Because they are the largest consumer DNA database, they maintain sales through their company and don’t need outside competitors to take away from their profits.

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Is LivingDNA upload free?

LivingDNA will accept raw DNA files from competitors for free. You will also have access to their DNA match database as well as 8 continental ancestry regions. Turn around time for results is usually about 48 hours from upload.

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